Friday, August 31, 2012


It's something everyone has but everyone still wants to get into everyone else's, sigh.

My privacy was invaded today. About what, that's not the point.But it was invaded by someone really close to me. I understand how he (okay, it's a boy) would want to butt in. He's just concerned, I guess. But there are limits. Yeah, we may be close and we tell each other stuff that we probably couldn't tell other people but limits okay!!! When I don't want to tell you something, please understand that. I need my space, too. I need things that are for my eyes only. But that doesn't mean I don't want to spend time with you or share things with you. I do, just not everything. 

Respect a girl's privacy. You wouldn't want to get inside a girl's mind. It's all mazes and more complicated stuff up there. So when we decide not to tell you things, it's because it's complicated and we really don't like talking about it. Sometimes it means we just don't want others to be affected and although it's really sweet how you guys try to act concerned and squeeze it out of us, please don't. Get a hint. Just leave it alone. If we wanted you to know, we'll tell you. Maybe not now, but eventually. Respect our privacy, don't butt in and try to find ways into knowing. Congratulations on those determination skills but that's not how you use them. 

Dude, two things: respect and patience. Yep.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012


When someone important is pushing you away, do you let them?



I went through my posts here and I've realized that I have been making so many promises of blogging about certain events happening in my life and I never got around to doing them. :( This is sad. I have disappointed myself. I have realized just last month how untrue the popular quote "Promises are made to be broken." is. Promises are not made to be broken. It's just an excuse people have made to make up for the unwillingness they have to keep that promise.

I'm getting real tired of broken promises so when I read my posts, yeah disappointment. But I should know better now since I made a really huge promise now to someone special and I intend to keep it.

Also, I'm making a promise now to blog regularly. I intend to keep this too. xx

UP Manila

It's been a while!

So hi I am officially in college and in UP Manila. It has been a crazy adventure, my enrollment, and how I landed a slot in BS Pharmacy? I don't even know anymore. But after almost three months as a BS Pharmacy student, it's turning out great. Despite the toxic life of a pharmacy student in UPM (Math 17, Bio Lab and Lec ////) I have taken refuge in my new-found friends. They are pretty incredible. And I think I'm going to be with these guys for a loooong time. Even if I'm transferring to Diliman (hopefully!!!!!!!) next year...

I've returned to blogging mainly because I need an outlet to express all these akjdlskajdkjs things I feel. And because I don't have time to write it all down in my real journal. Since I'm always online...hehe. And also because I've missed writing/blogging whatever-you-call-it.

Here's to a great first year in UP Manila!! xx