Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Frankie Cocozza

Everyone knows about my One Direction infection and I can't deny that. I am infected by it. Always have, always will. But there is this perfect young boy on this year's X Factor that's driving me insane. He goes by the name Frankie Cocozza. Ugh, he's just so perfect to me.

Yes, there he is. That beautiful creation of God. He has everything! He has the looks, the talent and the X Factor if I do say so myself. He should win the X Factor. 'Nuff said.

Okay so now that you have met my future husband, something happened last night for the two of us. <3 (hahahah i'm being dramatic) Last night, the 27th of September at 10:05 pm, Frankie Cocozza did the following:
  • replied to one of my tweets
  • followed me
  • called me a babe
JADHJKASDJKDHJD I fangirl-ed okay, I fangirl-ed. I was shaking and crying and rolling on the floor. I am not even lying. Just a simple tweet from Frankie made my day (well, night). It makes me happy that at least for like 10 seconds, he was making the effort to reply to me. And that may not be that huge to him but it is to me.
The tweet (<3):

I have been waiting for one of the boys from One Direction to tweet me. I know it will happen. I just know it. 


I haven't been on here for a while (just a few days lol) Anywaaaaay I shall tell you something exciting...☺

Monday, September 19, 2011


I attended Mateah's 1st birthday party yesterday with my relatives and boy was the party colorful. There were balloons everywhere! From the ceiling, walls, and there were even balloons that formed flowers. (It looked like those flower things from Plants vs. Zombies to me) 

The program was expected. There were parlor games for the kids, although most of the time it was the yayas playing. (hahah!) There was also a clown that looked more like a DJ because Mateah's mother told him to change because he was scaring all the children. Now, why would you hire a clown and not make him look like a clown? Anyway, there was also this bubble show complete with small, medium and giant sized bubbles, accompanied with gangsta dancing (don't ask). There was this part where you get to go inside the bubble and wait for it to pop. That was entertaining. 
The food was okay, not great but still yummy. The cake was made out of cupcakes which were delish! There was another cake (which was also cute) but I wasn't able to take a picture of it.

Cake of cupcakes
And who knew that cakes could be put on sticks? Amazing. 

We brought all of these home, btw...

And if that colorful party wasn't enough, I attended another birthday party that night. It was my cousin's cousin's (not really that complicated) 21st birthday party. And in the Philippines, when you're 21 and a boy, you celebrate your "debut". The party was formal so I wore a dress, put on some make up and curled my hair. Though, when we got to the party, some people weren't all dressed up. Guess my mom was right...Anyway, even though the party was your normal debut with speeches and video montages, it was a great night. We kept laughing and I couldn't even remember why. Haha!
I couldn't get any pictures because pictures were taken with my cousin's camera. When I can get them, I'll keep you posted. ☺ 

Don't you just love parties? x 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Meteor shower

Star light, star bright,
                                                               First star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight.

We all know that poem. We all know what we see when we say that. A "falling star". But the thing is, they aren't actually falling stars. They are actually meteors. We probably picked up the line "falling star" because they really look like falling stars. And falling meteors are scary.

There were supposed to be falling stars tonight. Mr.A told us it would be tonight at 9. He said that there would be approximately 500 stars falling tonight, hence the term meteor shower. But it's quarter to 10 already and no "falling stars". :( Although Mr.A did say that it would only be seen if the sky would be clear. And it looks clear to me, no rain or rain clouds. Just clouds...which on second thought does not make it that crystal clear...

Ugh, I was really looking forward to this meteor shower since I never witnessed one before. We were looking forward to it. Everyone is actually going crazy on Twitter because they can't see any meteors. I am surprised "meteor shower" isn't trending yet! (hahaha) My best friend and my other friend is also in IT Park, wanting to witness the meteor shower clearly. But their efforts are put to waste unfortunately. 

But who knows? Maybe it'll start later this evening. Maybe it'll start right after I give up. Who knows.

Last Intramurals

It was our first day of Intramurals today. The very last intramurals for us, Seniors. We got kind of emotional after cheering because we realized that we will never cheer in that same quadrangle again as high school students in St. Theresa's College. I love how we all came together during our very last cheering. Because that is, after all, the theme: Oneness.
First day is over and I have sunburn on my face and I think I am darker now (which I like). I hope tomorrow will be as good as today or even better. And the last day would be THE BEST DAY EVER. 

Our Intramurals shirt designed by my batchmate
Seniors baller I bought. "SENIORS!!!!"