Monday, December 12, 2011

It's been a long time

Hey hey! It's been a long time since I came around. And it's not because I didn't have any exciting things to blog about, I did! (Like my birthday, and me getting 1D's second book!!!! *squeal* probably more on that later) It's just that I am so busy and tired with school and practices and shit. I get home at around 8pm and I have to do schoolwork (and/or twitter and tumblr) So, I get pretty tired by the end of the night.

On the bright side, it's almost Christmas and I am pretty excited. I ain't feeling the Christmas season yet, though. I think it's because this week is periodical week, idk. I have never been that big of a fan of Christmas and it's festivities. I'm more of looking forward to Sinulog (something I am sure I'll be blogging about :D)

So, I just wanted to say hi to all of you reading that I am still alive, alert and enthusiastic about life and everything. Yeah. ☺

Oh and I am fond of saying this new expression "MWA MWA CHUP CHUP" lolyeah

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