Thursday, October 6, 2011

I want to talk to someone

There is a certain teacher in my school who I really, really, really hate. Like really. We had a quiz in her class today and she is so stupid, ugh. She has this smug look on her face EVERY FUCKING TIME and she doesn't even look good in it. Everyone was obviously annoyed by her and everyone was shouting and stuff. But I was just in my chair,silent, deciding on ways of killing her.
I told some people about my urge to kill her. Not such a good idea. They probably thought I was a serial killer in the making and deserved to go to a mental hospital. But, I want to go to a therapist which is not that different if you ask me. I just want to talk about everything to someone who understands and gives advice along the way. That's what friends are for, I know, but I want to try to talk to someone who's actually an expert at this. 

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