Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rant on fandoms

The time has come, just like I thought it would. One Direction is officially popular. Wanna know why? Because the Beliebers are going crazy defending their fandom and throwing hate messages everywhere. I seriously think all this competition is irrelevant. Justin Bieber is entirely different from One Direction and anybody who compares them is stupid.
A fandom is supposed to be there to support an artist. A fandom's job is to support that certain artist through whatever, not hate on other fandoms who could potentially outshine them. I don't mean any hate but the Beliebers are pretty full of themselves. They think their fandom is better than all the fandoms out there. Well, guess what? You're not and so are the Directioners or any other fandom, in that case.
Why should there be irrelevant hate everywhere? Why should fandoms hate other fandoms and compare all the frickin time? Why can't we just mind our own business and support whoever it is we're supporting and congratulate whoever it is who just got famous?  Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ugh.

rant over

Wait. Look, a cat taking a picture of itself. Aww cute

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